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Mobile Oil Processing Units

Our Mobile Insulating Oil Processing Units are the solution to your on site transformer oil maintenance, the filtering of a transformers oil is one of the least expensive, best known ways of preserving the life of the unit.

When it comes to transformer oil processing Utility Oils have the equipment, experience and skilled personnel to perform oil processing on your power transformers, safely and efficiently. From vacuum filling to hot oil cleaning we can handle the project

The plant can be used to process oil for the initial fill, after maintenance refill or as a process to keep all your oil filled equipment in optimum operating condition.

Our plants feature:

  • A capability of reducing in single pass content from 50ppm to 3ppm moisture and 12% gas content to less than 0.1% by volume. 98% of particulate matter will also be removed.
  • Dual Filter facility with micron ratings down to 0.2
  • A variable flow rate of between 0 and 10,000 litres per hour.
  • A two stage vacuum facility offering a 200m3/hr vacuum pump and a 1400m3/hour vacuum booster, a 2nd pair of Vacuum/Booster pumps to allow multiple units to be placed under vacuum simultaneously, offering 0.05mb
  • A heating facility in four stages offering a total of 160 kW.
  • In-line moisture meters to detect moisture from source & prior to transformer
  • Fully automated, with air operated valves, full interlock will close valves automatically.
  • PLC control via laptop facility
  • Fully self contained with on board generator units
  • Full welfare facilities (dependant on unit)

We have the following testing facilities on board:

  • Karl Fischer Moisture Meter
  • Megger 100Kv dielectric breakdown test equipment
  • We will provide independent laboratory samples for Moisture, DGA and Breakdown.

We carry the following ancillary equipment:

  • Spill prevention equipment and kits
  • First aid kits and eye wash facilities
  • Drip trays
  • Other equipment including dewpoint meters, Pirani gauges, acidity and portable DGA test kits are available on request

We have various sized units to allow access to the smallest of sites:

  • 3 axle rigid unit with separate welfare facilities
  • 3 axle articulated unit with full welfare facilities
  • 2 axle (with steering axle) articulated unit
  • 1 axle articulated unit

Midel 7131 insulating fluid filteration:

Due to the increased use of Midel 7131 fluid within transformers in sensitive locations. Utility Oils Ltd now have a filteration unit dedicated to Midel fluid only.

This unit is self contained with a generator and limited welfare facilites, this unit removes the possibility of cross contamination from mineral oil.

Stand Alone Vacuum Trailer:

Utility Oils Ltd also now have a stand alone vacuum trailer unit to allow longer term vacuum of transformers, but remove the expense of a full processing unit.

  • Remote Monitoring via GSM Network
  • On Board compunter control recording
  • 2 Edwards 275 180cfm Vacuum Pumps
  • Able to pull and hold a vacuum level of 0.3 mbr