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Ageing Transformer Oil Forms Sludge

As transformer oil ages polar acids are created, and also from decomposition and oxidation products.

Acids can also come from external sources such as atmospheric contamination. These organic acids are detrimental to the insulation system and can induce corrosion inside the transformer when water is present. An increase in the acidity is an indication of the rate of deterioration of the oil with sludge as the inevitable by-product of an acid situation when neglected.

Sludge restricts oil flow, therefore restricting cooling effect of the oil, for each 8°c increase in working temperature, the working life of the transformer will be reduced by up to 50%.

Oil reclamation extends unit life

Utility Oils mobile reclamation system restores transformer oil by removing acidity, sludge and soluble oil decay products with Fullers Earth treatment technology. When the treatment is complete, the reclaimed oil meets or exceeds B.S.148, the standard for Reclaimed Insulating Oil, with lower acidity and improved tan delta, interfacial tension, and oxidation stability.

Utility Oils Ltd reccomend that at the end of the process that inhibitor is added to the transformer as the oils natural inhibtors are depleted, usually at 0.4% inhibitor content

The cellulose insulation and internal components of the transformer also benefit from the flushing affect of multiple passes of hot reclaimed oil, which helps remove decay products and sludge from surfaces.

Regular reclamation treatments every 8 to 12 years for each transformer in your network offers significant benefits.

  • Reduced risk of unplanned outage and costly downtime
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Extended equipment life

Why not just change the oil?

The sludge and contaminants will still remain within the paper and oil galleries of the unit, and will over a period of time, leech back into the new oil resulting in contamination of the new oil, degrading it and shortening its lifespan

Utility Oils Reactivation Technology

The best process for reclaiming transformer oil is treatment using Fullers Earth. However, conventional reclamation units are costly to operate, requiring large amounts of Fullers Earth which must be disposed of and replaced after each use. The oil Reclamation System features high-performance reactivation technology with Fullers Earth installed in the plant for two to three years The Fullers earth can be cleansed or reactivated 200 to 300 times before replacement is required. Oil can be processed continuously using the same charge of Fullers Earth. No disposal of oil soaked waste is required, greatly reducing the cost of operation.